Close - Live Visuals : 2014

All footage was shot for a 1-hr audiovisual show for Close, an electronic live act led by Will Saul that blurs the lines between a cinematic and new clubbing experience. The track 'My Way' was recorded live at Fabric, London. His album 'Getting Closer' was released on K7 in June 2013.



Director: Silent Studios
Production: Silent Studios
Production Assistant: Emily Grundon
Director of Photography: Benjamin Thomas
Girl: Zoe Cornwell
Post Production/ FX: James Littlemore, Ste Dalton
Wardrobe: Kasia Ka



Designed to enhance Close's live show and introduce an original and credible visual experience to the world of live electronic music, Silent Studio's one hour show blurred the lines between a cinematic and new clubbing experience.

A highly conceptual and cinematic project, 12 live action short films were shot in the Scottish Highlands. A non-linear narrative, including underwater scenes, follows a woman's journey from the Highlands through to post industrial Northern England ending in London.

For the live premier at London's Fabric, Silent Studios created an ethereal stage scene for Close that involved projection gauze obscuring the band, while visuals were mapped to stage lights, allowing the imagery of the films to literally float over the musicians silhouettes, creating a truly immersive and innovative live music experience.